On a side note…

I’ve promised to tell you about my successes AND failures, so here’s one of the failures. I wanted to try cooking my own fava beans, and like most Americans, am a lazy cook. So I spied a package of beans at the grocery, which promised great results in 45 minutes!

According to the package, all I need to do wash wash the beans, bring to a boil, reduce heat, cover and simmer for 40-45 minutes. The package also warned about overcooking, as the beans would “fall apart”.

So… beans in pot, added appropriate measure of water, water boiling, covered, reduced heat, and 45 minutes later we have — hard beans floating in water! So logically, I extended the cooking time, by 5 minute increments until I had…. tiny little hard bean parts floating in less water. FAILURE.

So this, my friends, is why we want to learn to cook THE RIGHT WAY.


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Hello! I'm just an average woman exploring the wonders of the culinary world and learning to enjoy and simplify food and culture.

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