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If you are serious about cooking…

…you have to learn the rules!

I know I’ve been too quiet the last few days, but I promise I’ve been making great use of my time. The secret to being a successful cook is learning what works and what doesn’t. I just found the most amazing book to help me with this: Culinary Reactions (The Everyday Chemistry of Cooking), by Simon Quellen Field.

Once a cook knows WHY oil and water don’t mix, how eggs react in a batter, and the million other “simple” rules, cooking becomes a joyful adventure. Experiments are much more likely to work, failures are fewer, and the cook becomes CONFIDENT.

In the next few days/weeks I PROMISE to share what i learn with my readers. If you can find the book, please do. If not, hopefully my posts will be helpful.

(and I KNOW this sounds like a commercial, but I am just SO excited about this book!!)


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Welcome Friends and Friends-to-be

I wanted to start a blog to help myself and others as we explore the world of food together. As a mom, I have spent YEARS preparing family-friendly meals which are quick and easy… and hopefully tasty and healthy as well. Now it’s time for having some fun with food!

I know that in our fast-paced world, many of the traditional recipes have been lost, shortcuts abound, and so many of our meals are prepackaged and prepared for us. Our parents and grandparents had wonderful recipes, often only in their heads. My desire is to learn how to COOK, use the wonderful gadgets and ingredients available, share successes and misadventures with my readers, and reclaim a lost art.

I will also be exploring the history of foods, cultures across the world as we work on international recipes, and hopefully hear from readers worldwide as they contribute their own knowledge.

So come on and join me on this wonderful adventure!